09/20 Ryan’s “Much Better” Friday Evening Forecast

Today felt so much better after yesterday’s cold front brought cooler temperatures and drier air to South MS. Today’s high temperatures maxed out in the upper 80s, and I expect to remain there for the rest of the weekend. Rain chances remain in the single digits as well.

Unfortunately it can’t last forever, and warmer, more humid air will begin building back on Monday, the first day of Fall.

Even then it won’t get too hot with highs topping out in the low 90s. Heat indices during this time will climb back into the upper 90s/low100s, but don’t expect a return of the 95+ temperatures we were seeing earlier this week. Fronts pass to the north of us, but organized rain/t-storms aren’t expect for some time. Expect this sunny, clear, and drier trend to carry on through next weekend.

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