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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Tag: Less Humid

10/13 Ryan’s “Better” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Forecast is improving for the next few days after this morning's front, but we'll see another few cool downs this week.

10/13 – Rob’s “Beautiful” Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Post frontal passage will continue to bring a less humid air mass into south Mississippi...

09/29 Ryan’s “Pleasant Fall” Tuesday Night Forecast

Fall weather has arrived a little late, but will stick around for over a week this time.

9/18 – Rob Knight’s Friday Morning “Cooler” Forecast

A mild start as a north wind continues to bring in a less humid air mass...

9/17 – Rob Knight’s “Major Changes Ahead” Midday Forecast

Mid/Upper level no rain producing clouds continue to move into the area...

9/17 – Rob’s “Friday-Eve” Morning Forecast

A much better start this morning as SALLY continues to move NE out of the region....

9/7 – Rob’s “Changing Pattern” Labor Day Afternoon Forecast

Hot temperatures heading into the afternoon won't feel to terribly bad as lower humidity continues...

08/06 Ryan’s “Still Dry” Thursday Evening Forecast

Our hot and dry streak continues, but at least one of those conditions will change in the days ahead....

08/06 – Rob Knight’s “Warm, Less Humid” Thursday Morning Forecast

Current overview early this morning shows the same subtle, nearly stationary front parked across the northern Gulf of Mexico. Not much changing today into...

08/04 Ryan’s “Feels Cooler” Tuesday Night Forecast

Not really any cooler, but it'll feel that way as slightly drier air makes its way to the surface.

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10/20 – Brantly’s “Mostly Sunny” Tuesday Morning Forecast

The latest models show some moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere today which looks sufficient to support small rain chances this afternoon...

10/19 Ryan’s “More Consistent” Monday Night Forecast

This week will be warmer and more humid than last week, but not by much. There will be rain before the week is out.

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