08/08 Ryan’s “Gloomy” Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

It looked downright gloomy on many of our MS Power “Live on 25” weather cameras today, and the current pattern isn’t expected to change soon. A front has moved into the area over the day and a half, but has since become at least “quasi-stationary” and won’t be leaving for a few more days. This boundary is acting as a jumping off point for showers, and when coupled with the instability added by daytime heating, we could see a few thunderstorms as well. No severe weather is expected for the rest of the week, but a strong thunderstorm with some gusting winds can’t be ruled out completely. This pattern will last through the weekend, but will begin to dry out slightly as we head into next week, bringing more “average” South MS days.

The tropics are more active today. TS Franklin made landfall on the Eastern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula late last night, weakened some, and will be heading back out into the Bay of Campeche where it will likely strengthen to just below Hurricane status before making landfall East of Mexico city on Thursday.

There is another tropical disturbance East of the Lesser Antilles with a 30% chance of forming around the weekend, but current conditions are not conducive to tropical development.

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