01/07 Ryan's "Active Weather" Sunday Forecast

After an extended period of cold and dry weather, we're finally seeing warm and moist air move in along with some active weather. Click this tab for the full forecast.

12/05 Ryan's "Colder Weather" Tuesday Night Forecast

Temperatures were still holding on the the 60s as the late show started, but I'm expecting it to continue falling into the upper 40s tonight with even colder weather ahead. Watch the forecast for more.

08/08 Ryan's "Gloomy" Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Overcast and rainy as expected, but most of the rain stayed North of the three coastal counties. Expect much more in the coming days, but you'll have to watch the full forecast for details.

12/02 Ryan's Friday Night Forecast

After a mostly sunny start to the day, we've seen increasing cloud cover and even a few sprinkles over the last few hours. It'll be a rainy weekend though, details inside.