08/07 – Steve’s Very Wet Week-Ahead Forecast

Over the past weekend, the National Hurricane Center kept its eyes on an area of low pressure that formed off of the Big Bend area of Florida, bringing a lot of deep moisture and rainfall to areas well east of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. While this system won’t be forming into a either a Tropical Depression or Storm, in the coming days, there could be a LOT of rainfall to be found in the Southeastern States.

As of this writing (around 9:45pm, Sunday), there is not a lot of confidence shown by any forecaster as to what the next few days holds rainwise for our area.

Since our geographical location is to the west of the low pressure, we’d normally expect suppression to keep us generally rain-free and very hot. However, with the energy of a trough of low pressure nearby, our rain chances COULD be amplified in the coming week.

So, it’s a shot in the dark almost.

For now, in THIS forecaster’s eyes, expect rain this week, with up to six-inch totals as an average for the three Gulf-front Counties and lower amounts farther north. The good news about any rain and cloud cover being around is that our daytime high temps won’t be as warm.

Get ready for … rain. Most likely.

– Meteorologist Steve Taylor

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