08/10 Ryan’s “Muggy Again” Monday Evening Forecast

Last week was as dry as a bone, but it’s muggy again and afternoon showers are returning. Won’t see any of those tonight though with our mostly clear skies and a low near 76 degrees. Tomorrow will be another hot and humid one, and the rain chances will rise as high as they’ve been in over a week. Expect a high near 94 degrees with mostly sunny skies and a 40% chance of showers after noon.

Severe weather isn’t expected, but thunderstorms are possible.

Also, due to the rising humidity, the heat indices will begin creeping towards heat advisory levels. Expecting them to stay just south of there, more in the 100-110 degree range, but an advisory early on this week wouldn’t be surprising. It will get cooler as the week goes on, but that muggy air isn’t going anywhere. Expect rain chances to peak near Thursday, the same time highs fall into the low 90s.

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