07/16 Ryan’s “Monsoon” Monday Evening Forecast

Heavy showers and thunderstorms moved across the area as expected, and we won’t see a dry day for a little while. Today’s storms occurred due to the combination of daytime heating and frontal influences to the north, expect more of the same for the next few days as the front moves in.

There is very little mid and upper level wind, so as these storms form they will linger in the same area.

Today this led to flash flood warnings for Harrison and Jackson County due to localized areas, particularly near Gulfport, seeing as much as 5.2″ in less than 6 hours. For some context, this is close to half of the City of Los Angeles’ yearly rain total of around 13″, received in a single afternoon.

Significant rain chances continue until about Thursday, which is when drier air will begin filtering in.

Fewer clouds and more sun will lead to uncomfortable heat indices this weekend.

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