07/08 Ryan’s “Stormy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

There were a few severe warnings with today’s stormy weather, but it moved through quickly and without incident. That means tonight will be much more on the stable side with clearing skies and a “cooler” low near 75. Tomorrow will continue the “fewer showers” trend, but we’ll see at least one or two tomorrow afternoon with a high near 91. That’s true for the weekend as well. Expect much drier, more sunny weather, but there is at least a 20% chance of rain between peak heating hours (1-4 PM).

Fewer cooling showers in the afternoon means higher highs, so expect to see the thermometer hitting the mid 90s on the waterfront.

That means inland areas will be in the low 100s, and that the heat index will climb to dangerous levels. Expect a heat index near 105-110 from Friday to Monday. By Monday though we’ll see the return of more consistent afternoon rain, bringing highs into the low 90s again.

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