05/14 Ryan’s “Record Hottest” Monday Forecast

Today was the hottest day we’ve seen all year long, but sadly don’t expect much relief for the rest of the week. Don’t get me wrong, it will cool slightly going forward, but only into the mid 90s  for the next few days and eventually the upper 80s at it’s coolest. The “saving grace” appears to be an open tropical wave moving up the interior coast of Florida. This wave only has one in three chance of becoming a depression, but it will bring increased cloud cover and moderate rain chances to South Mississippi. That means expect to see an increase in the frequency of afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the days before the weekend. Right now my rain chances max at 40% on Friday, but depending on how quickly or slowly this wave moves it could be earlier, later, or last longer. Other than the bump in rain chances, expect this week to be fairly consistent with hot and humid conditions with warmer nights in the mid 70s.

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