04/24 Ryan’s “Warmer” Wednesday Forecast

The days have been largely the same but our nights are getting progressively warmer as the humidity rises. Cloud cover is slacking off some over the next few hours, but will build back strongly overnight.

The arrival of the thunderstorms has sped up though.

We were expecting them between Thursday and Friday initially, but now it seems it’ll be an almost all day Thursday event. Expect the first significant showers to begin by 7:30 AM with thunderstorms beginning by 9 AM. The storms expected at this time will be more “cellular,” and could produce tornadoes.

The squall line associated with the front itself will arrive after lunch.

The leading edge of this line appears to move in by 2 PM. Expecting mostly straight-line winds with this one, but shear values are high enough to produce embedded tornadoes here as well. These storms are designated with a “slight” risk of severe weather at this time, and we will continue to update you as needed. Skies will begin clearing by midnight, so get ready for a sunny weekend and start to next week!

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