04/22 Ryan’s “Clouds Increase” Thursday Night Forecast

It had to happen eventually, and now the clouds are beginning to increase in the skies above South MS. It won’t change much tonight, but those clouds will eventually build into showers late tomorrow night before the front moves in. That’ll warm things up a bit tonight, out of the 40s and into the mid 50s as clouds increase. Tomorrow afternoon will be cloudy, but won’t rain much until near midnight.

Expect showers until a few hours before sunrise, when the thunderstorms move in.

They carry a marginal to slight risk right now, with the biggest threats being heavy rain, small/moderate hail, damaging straight line winds, and frequent lightning. Thankfully it won’t linger in the area long and will be on its way out by the early afternoon. Skies will begin to clear by Saturday night and we’ll begin next week sunny and dry once again.

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