04/14 Ryan’s “Familiar” Wednesday Night Forecast

Our recent weather trends have fallen into a very familiar pattern everyone in South MS should recognize. A weakened boundary/stationary front has set up overhead, and will linger as short-wave impulses travel along it. This will continue to keep generally cloudy skies in place, with random bouts of activity as an impulse swings through.

Just like today’s round, tomorrow’s will pick up around sunrise and linger into the early afternoon.

That means most of the evening will be relatively clear, but clouds and showers will rush back leading to a warm low near 64 degrees. Tomorrow afternoon will begin on the cloudy, wet side, but like today will slowly dry as we head into the night. Make no mistake though, rain moves back in quickly for Friday and the Saturday before gradually clearing. That’s why Flash Flood Watches will remain in effect through tomorrow.

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