04/07 Ryan’s “Wet Overnight” Wednesday Night Forecast

We’ve enjoyed a nice, long dry period but that is rapidly coming to an end as storms move in overnight. We’ll see the first showers moving into South MS around 2 AM to the northwest. This line will be moving rather quickly, so expect the most significant activity to end by 9 AM. Overnight low will remain warm and muggy, low near 66 degrees with decent southerly winds.

We’ll see some relative clearing by tomorrow afternoon, but another system is rushing in and will bring cloudy, stormy skies back by Friday morning

. These will be much fewer and more far between, but another system rushes in Saturday morning. This one brings the heaviest showers we’ll see over the next few days, and at least another “slight” risk of severe weather. Please remain “weather aware” over the next few mornings as these storms move in. If you haven’t already, this would be a good time to download our free weather app as an extra information/warning source.

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