04/04 Ryan’s “Stormy” Thursday Forecast

The stormy weather will continue through the night and sadly, sunshine will be short supply. The initial wave of heavy rains and thunderstorms is starting to move eastward, but round two moves in later tonight. This outflow boundary doesn’t seem to have much of a severe threat associated with it, but it will have some lightning and even more rain. Rainfall across the coast has averaged under two inches, so even this additional rain won’t cause much of a risk of flash flooding.

We are still under and Areal Flood Watch until midnight so areas of standing water could accumulate.

Please avoid these areas while driving. The front that brought this weather isn’t in much of a hurry to leave either. Expect cloud cover and scattered showers to linger into Sunday, before increasing to thunderstorms again as another front moves in on Monday. That’s where the nasty weather ends though as sunshine and blue skies move in for the remainder of next week.

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