04/02 Ryan’s “Foggy” Monday Night Forecast

The temperature rose to and above 80 in South MS today, and is expected to continue rising slightly into tomorrow as more humidity moves in bringing a few foggy nights. Don’t worry though, we won’t continue rising into the 90s or anything because a cold front will move through Wednesday which will return cooler and drier weather for a few days. Unfortunately this frontal system will also bring at least a “marginal” threat for severe weather, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it upgraded to a “slight” threat. Early model runs seem to indicate hail as the main threat, but it doesn’t look like the updraft support will be there and it will more likely become a “squall line” situation similar to what we saw last week. This means the main threat will be pockets of heavy rain and gusting winds, though a “spin-up” tornado is not out of the question. This system will be leaving the area by the late morning on Wednesday, and clearing will be rapid into Thursday. Don’t expect any drastically cooler temperatures, but the much drier air and low 70s conditions will be quite nice for Thursday and Friday. Return flow sets up quickly though, so the humidity will be back soon, and a few showers are expected for the weekend.

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