03/24 Ryan’s “Wetter” Wednesday Night Forecast

The afternoon ended up a little drier than expected, but it gets even wetter tonight and tomorrow. It may have been largely dry, but showers and thunderstorms moved in again just before 6 PM. By 9 PM, nearly a half a foot of rain had fallen in parts of George and Stone Counties.

So even though not everyone saw much, we are well on our way to meet our 5-10″ average estimate by tomorrow night.

As we head through the night, a weak warm front will swing through leading to a warm “low” near 70. The warming trend continues tomorrow as the high climbs to 76 degrees with cloudy skies. Rain chances linger near 40% for Thursday so it’ll be drier than the last two days, but the severe threat rises. Expect a “slight’ risk for South MS tomorrow, meaning light-medium hail and tornadoes are possible.

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