03/10 Ryan’s “Barely Changing” Wednesday Night Forecast

Just like the last few days we’ve seen some changes in South MS’s weather…barely. Tonight’s low of 61 is just a degree warmer than many coastal locations last night. Also just like last night, expect just a bit more cloud cover than yesterday and more patchy fog. All of our current trends continue into tomorrow as well. That means tomorrow will be slightly warmer, high of 76, with a few more clouds and more humidity. Overall though, still a mild/warm, mostly sunny day.

We’ll continue getting warmer and more humid through the weekend, but rain chances don’t show up until Sunday afternoon at the earliest.

It’ll really be Monday before I expect any significant rainfall, and even then chances are only around 30%. This additional rain and cloud cover will help cool things down, but we’ll still be above our seasonal average of 70 by next Wednesday.

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