02/26 Ryan’s “Stormy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

We’re getting a break from the showers that moved through South MS earlier, but we’re still in for a stormy night.

A short-wave trough currently in eastern Texas is moving our direction, and is producing thunderstorms that have the potential for severe weather.

Right not that risk is “marginal,” which means our greatest risk will be damaging straight line winds, small-medium hail, lightning, and localized heavy rain. Right now it’s looking as if it will arrive by 2 AM and race through the area before sunrise, but could speed up if the storms develop into an MCS.

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After this storm moves through we’ll see some slightly clearer skies, but showers will pick up again into the afternoon and for the next several days as more fronts move in. It’s not looking like we’ll see any significantly clearer skies until Mardi Gras next week.


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