02/01 Ryan’s “Frontal Changes” Thursday Forecast

Expect plenty of changes over the next seven days in South MS as at least three fronts move through. The first front will move through later tonight and won’t bring much in the way of active weather, but has already brought warmer temperatures and significantly higher humidity. A few showers are expected around midnight, after which we’ll begin to see winds shifting to the North bringing cooler and drier air into the area. While today’s high was near 70, tomorrows will fall into the upper 50s and cloud cover will clear throughout the day. These cooler and drier conditions only last until Saturday morning at which point a developing low pressure system to the West and another frontal system from the North combine to bring the humid conditions, cloudy skies, and rain right back through the overnight hours. This front will have better organization and more moisture, so we’ll see a few thunderstorms mixed in with the showers. The rain will linger into Super Bowl Sunday, but will begin to taper off in the afternoon and evening. We’ll begin next week sunny and clear, but even more changes are on the horizon as more rain is expected by next Wednesday.

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