01/23 Ryan’s “Mild and Dry” Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Today was not quite warm, but was certainly mild and dry as yesterday’s front continues to bring northerly winds and high pressure into the area. Tonight will be colder, falling into the upper 30s, but not anywhere near freezing on the coastline. The cooling trend continues into tomorrow afternoon as well, and will dip into the upper 50s across the area though it’s possible we may only remain in the lower 60s (my forecast of 59 is just a little hopeful). Conditions remain similar all the way through the rest of the week, but by Thursday the high pressure center will move off to the East and we’ll begin seeing southerly winds increasing our humidity and temperatures into the weekend. Low pressure is building in the Western Gulf, and will begin moving Eastward across the the Northern Gulf by Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms are expected, but it’s still about a day or so too early to get a handle on what we can expect in terms of severe weather. After the front, we’ll begin next week very similarly to the way we started this one slightly cooler, much drier, and sunny.

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