01/31 Ryan’s “Warmer” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Warmer temperatures moved in as expected this afternoon, and due to increased southerly winds that warming will continue through the night. Last night’s low was in the mid 30s, but tonight’s will skyrocket into the low 50s as return flow brings in warm, moist air from the Gulf. The clear skies we’ve enjoyed over the last few days will become crowded with more cloud cover tonight, which will carry over into tomorrow afternoon as well. Expect Thursday to be mostly cloudy, with a high near 70 degrees on the waterfront. An isolated shower or two isn’t out of the question, but rainfall will be at a minimum with this moisture starved front, no where near the heavy rainfall totals we saw last weekend. Expect rapid cooling and drying through Thursday night and into Friday morning, with afternoon highs falling back into the upper 50s and mostly sunny skies returning. A slightly more robust low pressure feature will be pushing into the area late Saturday/Sunday morning, which will have more Pacific moisture and will produce more organized showers and thunderstorms. Seems like Sunday might be a perfect day to stay in and watch the Super Bowl on NBC!

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