01/29 Ryan’s “Hard Freeze” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Last night was cold, but hard freeze conditions are all but certain tonight. Temperatures will fall below freezing in South Mississippi as early as midnight further North and will linger for at least 8 hours. Coastal locations will see freezing conditions for half of that time, but that’s still enough to damage people and property.

Tonight is definitely one of those times you’ll need to remember to protect your three Ps: pets, plants, and pipes.

Outdoor pets should absolutely be brought inside! If that is not possible for whatever reason, make sure they have extra food, water, and provide them with additional bedding. Prolonged exposure to these conditions will be lethal. Bring in any sensitive plants as covering them will likely not be enough, especially inland.

To protect your pipes, drip outdoor/indoor faucets at a rate of about 5 drops per minute, and open any cabinets containing plumbing.

After we get through tonight we’ll begin a warming trend that will carry us through the weekend and into the middle of next week where you’ll find afternoon highs in the low 70s.

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