01/25 Ryan’s “Three Cs” Friday Evening Forecast

Tonight’s weather can best be summed up by the three Cs: calm, cold, and clear. Radiational cooling will be maximized due to the variable winds and clear skies, but it will be slightly warmer than previously thought. That’s because the weak front we were expecting tonight is rapidly deteriorating and won’t have quite the effect on the weather it seemed it would. Lows will still be cold, near 35, but that is up three degrees from yesterday’s forecast.

We’ll continue the warming trend started today through the weekend and into next week, slowly climbing to 65 degrees by Monday afternoon.

That’s as warm as it gets though, and another Arctic front will move through Tuesday bringing showers and bitterly cold conditions back to the coast.

This shift will be quite dramatic as Monday night’s low will max out near 47 degrees, but will drop at least 16 degrees by the very next night.

I only say this next part because I’ve already received many questions about the possibility of wintry weather, but there is a small window where if all factors line up the right way Tuesday night it won’t be mathematically impossible to see a few flurries nearby. Nothing that will accumulate and a very low chance either way, so please don’t buy all the milk and bread…I may want to make French toast that morning….

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