01/20 Ryan’s “Cold & Dry” Monday Evening Forecast

Expect it to be downright frigid tonight as cold & dry air continues to arrive in South MS. Temperatures will fall into the upper 20s on the waterfront tonight, and even cooler inland. Freeze warnings have been issued for the coastal counties as well as Pearl River County due to these conditions.

The temperature will remain below freezing for at least 6 hours, but will feel colder for much longer thanks to a moderate northerly wind.

Remember to protect your “Three Ps” tonight as the temperature falls. Wrap any exposed pipes, drip indoor faucet, let those pets spend the night inside, and bring in/cover sensitive plants. The temperature will moderate slowly through the week, but the next few nights will be below freezing. It’ll be back into the 60s by Thursday/Friday as our next weather maker moves in, which will bring more dry air and sunny skies for the weekend.

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