Walking for Orlando

Weather didn’t stop support for the Orlando shooting victims tonight as community members gathered on Ocean Springs Beach to march in memory of those lost this weekend.
The group came together to light candles and walk from the beach into downtown Ocean Springs as a gesture of solidarity to the victims and the entire LGBTQ community.
Event organizer Hayden Wallace spoke with News 25 about when he first heard about the shooting and why he felt the need to put this event together. “It was tough. I had some friends that were in Orlando this weekend. I didn’t know if this was just club attack or a full city wide attack. I immediately got on the phone, started calling, texting. Everyone ended up getting out okay. I was hoping for 15 and I got way more than that. I’m very satisfied at this point. I think this is gonna change society for a whole. It might be a small change but I think this is one step forward for Ocean Springs.”
At last count, 49 people lost their lives in the attack. Over 50 people were injured.

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