Valentine’s Day is a Christian holiday

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is a Christian holiday? Stella Maris Gifts in Pass Christian has the perfect Christian gifts for those who want to celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday.

Valentine’s Day originated with St. Valentine. In the Catholic tradition, he’s a saint who is admired now for his faithfulness.

He lived in the third century during the Roman Empire, where there was a lot of oppression against Christians.

A lot of legends surround him, including what he did to advance Christianity.

One of the most popular legends involves soldiers who were not allowed to marry due to empire’s orders.

St. Valentine continued to conduct the marriages of soldiers in secret, against the empire’s wishes. Co-Owner Ruth Ladner said, “For everybody to remember is that first and foremost, whether you’re single, married, divorced, whatever stage in life is, you’re loved eternally beyond all that you can imagine by God, our savior. So, ultimately, he should be our first Valentine no matter what our marital or relationship status is. I just want everyone to know God loves them.”

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