Humane Society of South Mississippi offers tips for taking care of pets in the heat

With the dog days of summer approaching and the heat index rising into the triple digits, don’t forget to care for your furry friends. Humane Society of South Mississippi’s Development Director Katie King shared some tips with News 25 on how to keep your pets cool.

King says pet owners should try and keep their pets inside as much as possible. However, when your pets do need to go outside, King suggests always have access to water and keep an eye out for shady places your pet can rest.

King also says when taking canines for a walk, opt for a grassy route instead of dark asphalt to protect your pup’s paws.

If you pet does overheat, King has tips to help cool them down. “You will want to watch for signs of any dogs getting overheated, which would be excessive panting or lethargic or glossy eyes. And if they do get over heated, what you can do is wet a towel and wrap it around them or put water on their paws to cool them off or put some water behind their ears. What you don’t want to do is give them ice cold water because that can actually make things worse. So you want to slowly cool them down. Or if it gets to a point where they’re collapsing then you want to seek immediate vet assistance.”

Additionally, the Humane Society is having their ‘Empty the Shelters’ adoption event through Sunday. All adoptions are just $25 and includes each pet’s spay or neuter surgery, microchip, and all vaccinations.

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