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‘Tour for life’ pet adoption event this weekend in Gulfport

You have another chance to save a furry life this weekend. The Humane Society of South Mississippi has partnered...

Animal shelters full after holidays

The holiday season is over and this time of year is one of the busiest for animal shelters across the country. For many, waking up...

Firework safety and pets

As you are lighting up the sky tonight with those fireworks be sure to keep your pets in mind. Valerie Katz with the Humane Society...

Dog dies in hot car in Trussville, Alabama

An Alabama woman left her dog in the car in a Walmart parking lot for seven hours as temperatures rose to the 90s on...

Pet safety for the Fourth of July

It’s that time of year again. Fireworks are part of many celebrations and are tons of fun for humans, but not so much for...

Happy 1st birthday, Charlie!

We have a very special birthday today. Taylor’s puppy, Charlie, is turning one year old! Taylor adopted her from the Jackson County Animal Shelter in...

Sick raccoons still a hazard for pet owners in Long Beach

The total number of raccoons carrying the viral disease that has recently broke out in Long Beach keeps growing. Long Beach Animal Control has...

Raccoon disease on the rise in Long Beach

If you’re a pet owner in Long Beach, you may want to keep an extra eye out when letting your animal outside. A recent outbreak...

Seabees And Kittens Make Purr-Fect Friends

Some Seabees made purr-fect friends with some buddies from the Humane Society Of South Mississippi today. It’s part of a program called "Pause For...

Cold weather safety for your pets

With some of the coldest air of the season headed to South Mississippi, it’s important to remember your pets. According to animal healthcare professionals, temperatures...

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