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Heat stroke vs. heat exhaustion: know the signs

With today’s heat index already topping 115 in some locations, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a big concern. It is important to stay hydrated,...

Keeping electric bills low in the summer

It is summertime and here in South Mississippi that means you probably have your air conditioner running to stay cool. That also means you might...

Gautier High Band prepares for season

As high school football season inches closer, local high school bands are beginning preparations for their season. The Gautier High Band is in the...

Heat wave safety tips

Well, the heat is ramping up on the Coast as we head into the weekend and that means people are finding ways to cool...

Battling flames and temperatures in Biloxi

With temperatures creeping into the high 90s battling the heat is no easy task, but what about battling flames and extreme heat? When summer rolls...

A safe way to beat the heat

With the heat cranking up splash pads are open all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s a quick way and fun way to cool off...

Consequences of leaving pets in hot cars

It’s really heating up out there and sometimes our furry friends end up feeling the burn. There is a city-wide ordinance in Biloxi that states...

Senior Matters: senior citizens and high temperatures

When we get older our bodies are just not the same as they use to be. So, when we deal with the high temperatures...

AMR plans for hot weekend

There is a heat advisory this weekend and the heat index is expected to reach dangerous levels. AMR is partnering with other local first responders...

Preparing for a hot weekend in South Mississippi

If you’re one of the thousands that will be attending the airshow this weekend or if you just plan on being outside be prepared...

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