Terror on the Coast

If you’re looking to get spooked this weekend, you can check out Terror on the Coast on Giles Road in Gulfport, the largest haunted house on the Coast.

Four years ago, Terror on the Coast opened their doors, scaring South Mississippians. This self-guided haunted house features 29 rooms of horror with 75 cast and crew members for what owners say is a thrilling experience. For them, it’s all fun and games because they hand pick or build everything you see while you walk through. Sideshow Props co-owner Kevin Mitchell said, “It’s more or less a playground for us. We feel like we’re retired. We come out and play in the warehouse every day and build these sets and it’s just our passion that drives us. It’s our passion that got us here and that’s what keeps us going every day.”

Part of Terror on the Coast is a way to show they’re not just a haunted house. They’re also a prop company that has been featured on multiple films and television shows. Sideshow props co-owner Lawrence Barattini said, “My partner Kevin and I, we had so many props that we were accumulating from movies that we came up with the idea why not do a haunted house with quality props? I was inspired by going to Disney World as a little kid and I just fell into a passion about props and how to make props and how to make illusions and this is the outcome.”

That outcome being a partnership with Kevin Mitchell for Sideshow Props where their ever expanding warehouse holds wonders from shows and films like “American Horror Story,” “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,” “Bonnie and Clyde” and so many more. “It’s exciting when people appreciate what we do and they come and enjoy the props,” said Barattini.

“The whole process from the layout of it, looking at the plans and building it, going to get the materials and building it. It’s just like building a house but you’re building a fake house in a warehouse. It’s a fun process,” said Mitchell.

If you want to check out the wonders that Terror on the Coast hold they are open Friday and Saturday nights from 7 to 11 as well as Halloween night. Regular entry is $15 or you can skip the line for $25.

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