Warming Trend

01/14 Ryan's "Grey" Monday Night Forecast

We saw little to no cooling from just after lunch today until after 11 PM, but inland areas will flirt with freezing again while we stay just above that line on the Coast later tonight....

01/08 Ryan's "High Moisture" Monday Night Forecast

Patchy fog has been developing over the last few hours, and will continue to do so throughout the night and into Tuesday morning. Click this link to watch the full forecast for the details.

01/08 Ryan's "Moist" Monday Evening Forecast

The showers and storms moved in as expected last night, and while the rain may have moved on, the moisture will remain for most of the week. Click this forecast link for more details.

Ryan's "Much Warmer" Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

It will be considerably warmer tonight that it was last night as moisture continues to pour in, meaning fog will become more of an issue in the coming nights. Watch the forecast for details.

11/15 Ryan's "Warming Trend" Wednesday Night Forecast

The fog has already begun to develop in South Mississippi, and will continue over the next few nights as the temperature and humidity continue to gradually rise. Watch the full forecast for details.

11/15 Ryan's "Warming" Wednesday Forecast

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday, and even cooled by a degree! Expect that trend to start going the other way until the weekend; watch the full forecast for details.