12/19 Ryan's "Cold" Monday Night Forecast

We'll see some freezing temperatures around South MS tonight, but the "winter" weather won't stick around long...even for the official start of Winter on Wednesday.

11/21 Ryan's Monday Night Forecast

Today was the last day in the 60s and tonight will be the last night near freezing for a while. What's up for the rest of the week? Click to find out.

11/14 Ryan's "Post Birthday/Super Moon" Monday Evening Forecast

It'll be a clear and cold night with plenty of viewing opportunities for tonight's "Super Moon," but you'll have to watch the forecast for details on the rest of the forecast. Note: video capture system was down, was not able to grab our most recent forecast. Written forecast is updated, video is from earlier.

10/17 Ryan's "Misty Monday" Forecast

Some light showers today, and while even less is expected tomorrow, we'll see a bit more before the week is through. Full forecast inside.

10/10 Ryan's "Cool Monday" Forecast

Much cooler and drier weather today, and it will only get better as we head into tomorrow. We will see some gradual changes in the longer term though, details inside.