Ryan’s “Birthday” Monday Night Forecast

I was gifted great weather for my birthday, and I decided to re-gift it right back to you guys! Today was as mild, sunny, and clear as expected and we’ll see very little change through the rest of the week. As we approach the weekend the temperature will slowly and almost imperceptibly increase each day until a cold front moves through around Saturday night. By then our highs will have climbed into the mid 70s and our lows into the low 60s, but this new front will bring temperatures down to nearly 20 degrees cooler by Monday! At this time there is little-to-no rain expected as the front moves through, so even this day will be mostly sunny, warm, and pleasant.

There is only one tropical disturbance in the Northern Atlantic and though it has a 50% chance of developing into at least a depression within the next 5 days, it will have no impact on South MS or the Gulf South.

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