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Remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice

Another emotional day on the Coast as the Gulfport Police Department held their annual Police Memorial Ceremony. During the memorial, officials took time to remember...

Dorchester Memorial Service

The Gulf Coast celebrated the 75th anniversary of the World War II sinking of the Army transport ship Dorchester by a U-boat. A memorial ceremony...

Family and Friends Remember Lucas Morace

Hundreds of people gathered in Ocean Springs to remember the life of Lucas Morace, the Moss Point firefighter who passed away in a motorcycle...

Memorial Service for Moss Point Firefighter

Hundreds of people gather in Ocean Springs to remember the life of Lucas Morace, the Moss Point fire fighter who passed away in a...

Memorial Service for Kimberly Watts

Today marks two years to the date that single mom and Nurse Kimberly Watts was murdered in Long Beach with no killer being arrested. News...

Local Law Enforcement Holds 9/11 Memorial Service

Four hundred and forty one of the victims who died on September 11th were emergency workers in New York City who responded to the attacks.

Keesler Holds Memorial Service to Honor 9/11 Anniversary

On this anniversary, we remember the almost 3,000 lives lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

St. Michael’s Church Holds Katrina Memorial Service

Friday night, about a dozen people participated in a Hurricane Katrina memorial service at St. Michaels Catholic Church in Biloxi.

Biloxi Holds Memorial Service for 9th Katrina Anniversary

It's a day some want to forget, but some paused to remember that fateful day when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Coast, claiming the lives of 232 Mississippians.

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