Dorchester Memorial Service

The Gulf Coast celebrated the 75th anniversary of the World War II sinking of the Army transport ship Dorchester by a U-boat.
A memorial ceremony was held Sunday in honor of those who died to save others by giving up their lifejackets. The ceremony took place at the Long Beach Town Green’s World War II Memorial.
The service included posting of the colors, the singing of the national anthem, a keynote address by former Navy Chaplain Ron Durham and the laying of the memorial wreath. Charles Martinek, adjutant to post in Long Beach 1995, said, “It was a tremendous sacrifice on their part, but not untypical of a lot of the sacrifices that the military has made to the present day. We just want to make sure that we can bring this to the public’s attention every once in a while.”
Martinek plans to continue to host memorials such as this to honor the military.

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