Family and Friends Remember Lucas Morace

Hundreds of people gathered in Ocean Springs to remember the life of Lucas Morace, the Moss Point firefighter who passed away in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us through the many emotions during today’s memorial service.
Teary eyes and heavy hearts across the Coast as hundreds remember the life of Lucas Morace. Lucas’ father, David Morace, said, “We’re doing okay. Just not sleeping much, just so sad from what’s going on.”
The Moss Point firefighter passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on Saturday. Firefighters, bikers, friends, and family members aimed to keep his spirit alive during a memorial service at the Fountaineblue Community Center in Ocean Springs. Moss Point Fire Chief Tommy Posey said, “This is a way for us to come together as a brotherhood and say our goodbyes and be with the family and just combine both families together to show our love and respect.”
Pictures, videos and many of Lucas’ well-known apparel stayed on display throughout the service as a way to showcase all he accomplished during his lifetime. “He was a wonderful young man. He done everything that he was supposed to do. He was one of the top in his academy class. We’re really going to miss him. He was an upbeat individual,” said Chief Posey.
Family members say coping with this loss won’t be easy, but they’re grateful Lucas’ genuine soul left behind a sea of support. “He wasn’t anything deceptive about him. He was always what you see is what you got and that’s the way I want to remember him,” said David Morace.

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