01/31 Ryan's "Warmer" Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

This afternoon warmed slightly compared to yesterday, but tonight will be significantly warmer than last night which produced a light frost. Click the forecast link for more information.

01/23 Ryan's "Continued Cooling" Tuesday Night Forecast

Northerly winds continue bringing colder and drier air into South Mississippi, setting us up for a few beautifully dry and sunny afternoons. Still in for a few chilly nights though; click here for the details.

01/23 Ryan's "Mild and Dry" Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Yesterday's forecast for today was right on! It was slightly cooler, considerably drier, and these conditions will last through the end of the week. Click here for the full forecast with Meteorologist Ryan Mahan.

12/22 Ryan's "Christmas Weekend" Friday Forecast

An approaching cold front will bring rain tomorrow and much cooler/drier conditions by Christmas, but we have one more foggy night ahead before that. Watch the full forecast for more.

12/14 Ryan's "Slow Front Passage" Thursday Night

You wouldn't know it from the temperature or satellite presentation, but a cold front is moving through the area and will bring cooler temperatures into the weekend. Watch the full forecast for more.

12/11 Ryan's "Short-Lived Warming" Monday Night Forecast

It's been slowly warming ever since our winter weather moved through and tonight will be the warmest we've seen in several days. A weak cold front is moving through tonight though bringing changes, details inside.

Ryan's "Rain Begins" Tuesday Forecast

The rain has already begun to fall, but the front won't arrive for a few more hours. We'll begin cooling now, but much colder temperatures are ahead. Click the forecast link for more.

Ryan's "Thanksgiving Eve" Wednesday Forecast

This morning's cold front is bringing chilly conditions for the next few nights, but our afternoons will be nearly perfect. Watch the full forecast for details.

Ryan's "Dry Cold Front" Tuesday Night Forecast

We may have warmed some this afternoon, but an overnight front will bring temperatures right back down and usher in a cool & dry Thanksgiving. Watch full forecast for details.

10/20 Ryan's "Frontal" Thursday Forecast

This afternoon was the last time we'll see temperatures in the 80s for several days, but we're still waiting on the arrival of the cold front. Click the link for this afternoon's forecast and check back for the update at 11 pm.

10/06 Ryan's Thursday Night Forecast

More cloudy and warmer today than we've seen recently, but clearing & cooling conditions are right around the corner. Local and tropical details inside.