09/27 Ryan’s “Still Humid” Wednesday Night Forecast

Tonight’s weather remains warm & humid just like the last several evenings, but a cold front that is just beginning to move into the Southeast will bring some slightly cooler but considerably drier conditions. Winds will remain light, starting from the South but shifting Northward overnight, with calm periods intermittently. I expect these winds to be just strong enough to prevent any fog formation, but just barely. After the front moves through, we’ll see our temperatures drop from the low 90s, to the mid 80s, and finally into the lower 80s by the start of next week, but then the ridge shifts East and southerly “return flow” begins to set up. This will usher in some warmer temperatures (still in mid-to-upper 80s though) and return humidity levels to “normal.”

We’re finally just days away from being able to say goodbye to both Hurricane Maria and Lee, but a new disturbance will require further attention through the weekend. Maria remains a category 1 storm, and has already begun to move toward the Northeast. The same frontal system that will bring us our less humid conditions will accelerate Maria and Lee’s Eastward track, and both are expected to have dissipated by Sunday. The new disturbance is slowly drifting Northward in the Northwest Caribbean Sea, and has a small chance (20%) of tropical formation over the next 5 days. Regardless of development, the system will bring heavy rains to the already storm battered areas of Cuba, the Florida Keys, and South Florida.

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