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6/28 – Rob Knight’s Elevating Rain Potential Weekend Forecast

A north wind this morning has bough very pleasant conditions to south Mississippi under sunny skies...

4/15 – Rob’s “Sunny & Mild” Monday Morning Forecast

A cooler start to the day with an area of high-pressure to our NW...

9/25 – Rob Knight’s Rainy Tuesday Morning Forecast

Another rainy morning along the viewing area with warm and humid conditions...

8/31 – Rob’s Final Day of August Forecast

Another humid start to the day with isolated showers south moving north into the coastal counties...

3/7 – Rob’s Mid-Week, Midday News Forecast

After a CHILLY start to the day, a sunny, cool and breezy afternoon is on-tap...

12/21 – Rob “Friday-Eve” Morning Forecast

Clear skies overnight led to what is known as "Radiational Cooling", where temps dropped all the way to the dew-point. This has developed areas of PATCHY FOG...

2/16 – Rob’s “Friday Eve” Warming Forecast

After the clouds cleared yesterday afternoon...clear skies and light winds overnight brought CHILLY temps to the area...

1/23 – Rob’s “Seasonal Conditions” Workweek Forecast

After violent weather through the weekend, it's a cooler/windy start heading into the workweek...

10/10 – Rob’s Columbus Day Forecast

It's a chilly start for your Columbus Day mornings as high-pressure continues to dominate the region. A BEAUTIFUL day is on-tap...

8/12 – Rob’s VERY WET “Friday/Weekend” Forecast

Round 2 has begun with HEAVY RAIN already in the area. Coupled with areas of patchy FOG...visibility is greatly reduced.

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