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Mississippi Legislative Session update

We are now in the tenth week of the Mississippi State Legislative Session with less than four weeks to go. Here’s a look at some...

Mississippi Legislation Deadline

Tuesday was the final day for committees to act on general bills originating in their own chamber. As Mississippi lawmakers have reached their first three-month...

Mississippi Legislature deadline

Mississippi lawmakers have reached their first three-month session deadline. Tuesday was the final day for committees to act on general bills originated in their own...

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

It is important that Mississippians understand what they are entitled to in the event they are injured in an accident caused by the negligence...

Mississippi House Education Bills

A bill circulating in the Mississippi House authored by House Speaker Philip Gunn would place limits on state testing for students. House Bill 866 says...

BP Oil Spill Settlement Bills

How will the state legislature allocate BP oil spill settlement money? A month into the session and with the first bill-killing deadline tonight the answer...

Bill Killing Deadline Coming up in Jackson

State lawmakers are back at the capital today for what is set to be a busy week. Committees are expected to be running at full...

Increasing Fees for Politicians Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk

A bill that would raise the qualifying fees to run for political office is headed to Governor Phil Bryant’s desk. If approved, the new law...

Parent Involvement and Accountability ACT Passes the Mississippi House

In a bill passed by the Mississippi House of Representatives, students won’t be the only ones receiving grades from teachers. Under the Parent Involvement and...

Appointed Superintendent Bill Passes Senate Education Committee

Today a bill that would eliminate elected superintendents in Mississippi has passed the state Senate and now moves to the House of Representatives for...

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