Mississippi Legislation Deadline

Tuesday was the final day for committees to act on general bills originating in their own chamber.

As Mississippi lawmakers have reached their first three-month session deadline, here’s some of the bills set to advance to the full House or Senate for debate.

For starters, there’s a bill to protect teens under the age of 18 from using tanning beds, a bill banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and a proposal for teacher pay raises by a total of $1,000 over the next two years, inspiring others to pursue a career in education. Ocean Springs High School teacher Nell Driggers said, “We need them to inspire and encourage engineers, and lawyers, and doctors. We are losing our best and our brightest because they have seen that if you have a wonderful work ethic, there is money to be made and a real living to be made from that.”

Also moving forward, a criminal justice bill that would ease penalties on some Mississippians accused or convicted of crimes. Plus, a human trafficking bill that prevents charges from being filed against victims younger than 18-years-old.  Advocates for Freedom CEO Susie Harvill said, “The more any of us talk about human trafficking, the more that we work toward finding a solution and doing it as a team, the better we are.”

Bills that were shut down include allowing prosecutors to seek tougher penalties regarding the hate crimes law, raising the $7.25 minimum wage, and removing the confederate battle emblem on the Mississippi flag.

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