Mississippi Legislature deadline

Mississippi lawmakers have reached their first three-month session deadline.

Tuesday was the final day for committees to act on general bills originated in their own chamber. Surviving bills will move to the full House or Senate for debate.

Here’s a look at the status of selected bills:

  • A bill proposing a teacher pay raise by a total of $1,000 over the next two years
  • A criminal justice bill that would ease penalties of people accused or convicted of crimes
  • A bill banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected
  • A human trafficking bill that stops charges from being filed against victims younger than 18-years-old
  • A bill aiming to protect teens under 18 from using tanning beds

Here are some bills that were killed in their chambers:

  • More than a dozen bills to remove the Confederate battle emblem on the Mississippi flag
  • A bill expanding the existing hate crime laws, allowing prosecutors to seek tougher penalties
  • Several bills looking to set the state minimum wage higher than federal minimum of $7.25 an hour
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