Students Test Newton’s Laws of Motion

Science students at Stone Middle School tested out Newton’s Laws of Motion by performing egg drops at different heights and racing self-made cars using balloons as power sources. News 25’s Laurene Callander got her geek on this morning and has the full story on these future scientists.
Some like their eggs scrambled but for these students at Stone Middle School, a crushed egg was their worst nightmare. Eighth grade science teacher Tanya Adams wanted to venture beyond the textbooks and outside the school’s walls for a hands-on science lesson, using experiments to test Newton’s Laws of Motion. “They’re in a new age. They’re wired different,” said Adams, “They want to be hands-on with everything and active. That’s what we try and do here at Stone. We try to have all of our classes be a little bit more hands-on where they’re moving around and not just stuck at a seat reading a book.”
Students watched in awe as the fate of their egg, and basis for their grade, fell from 35 feet in the air. Mississippi Power lent a truck to the classes.
The students were allowed to use any household item to build their protective cases. Those who survived the first plunge were then tested from 50 feet in the air, hoping to beat the odds.
The second project was a car race. Teams of two students built their own car and powered them by balloons. Eighth grader Zachary Simmons said, “I have a better understanding now because I got to do it myself and it makes it more fun and easier to learn when stuff’s more fun.”
Science teacher Tanya Adams says she is extremely proud of her students for the contraptions they came up with and hopes to continue this project every year.

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