Steve’s Wet Workweek Forecast (With a Tropical Flair)

Good evening!

Rain and thunderstorms today brought some relief from the heat for many in southern Mississippi. Between the clouds and rain, daytime highs were a tad below what they have been the last several days.

Heading into the workweek, expect similar rainfall possibilities for Monday and increased rain chances for the rest of the week (50% minimum each day through Sunday).

The tropics are active, too. However, Invest 97-L doesn’t post much of a threat to southern Mississippi. As of now, most forecast models and forecasters are agreeing that the system, which is now in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, will move generally westward towards (and eventually crossing) the Yucatan Peninsula midweek. After that, the system, if there’s a system at all, would move into Mexico’s southeast coast.

– Meteorologist Steve Taylor

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