Although temperatures didn’t show it today.. Spring is on the way. And with spring comes the threat of severe weather.
News 25’s Gabby Easterwood has all you need to know on how to prepare and be aware, this severe weather preparedness week.
This week has been proclaimed the Mississippi severe weather preparedness week by governor, Phil Bryant, with each day focusing on a certain threat. Monday focuses on severe thunderstorms which ties is other threats seen throughout the peek months of March, April and May. Ray Coleman MEMA’s Director of External Affairs said “i think when we hear the word thunderstorm. We all just think of you know thunder, lightning, rain, but large hail can be an issue especially in Mississippi. Those are other things that can cause damage to you home and can sadly cause injury and death”
Flash flooding is what Tuesday is all about, which is something that kills more than any other weather hazard. Ray Coleman MEMA’s Director of External Affairs said “so we’re talking about flooding which is something maybe folks don’t fear as much, but it is a severe, severe cause of weather related deaths.”
Remember even while driving, it only takes two feet of rushing water to carry your car away, so it’s always better to stay clear of those areas.
Wednesday the focus is tornadoes. Last year in our state alone 59 tornadoes were recorded, with an average of 8 deaths and over 100 injuries each year. So, being prepared can mean life or death.
Ray Coleman MEMA’s Director of External Affairs said “when we are talking about preparing, getting your homes ready, getting your emergency supply kits. Just having a plan for your family is the most important thing when we are talking about preparedness week and severe weather.”
It’s also important to know the difference between watch and warning. A tornado watch means it could happen and warning means there is imminent threat and it’s time to take shelter.
Thursday’s about lightning which has been named the underrated killer. Remember if you hear thunder you are close enough to get struck, so it’s better to just stay inside. And finally, but definitely not least important, Friday is all about how to stay in the know. There are many ways you can stay weather aware weather you have a personal weather radio, use the WXXV Your Weather Authority App or by tuning into News 25 for the latest weather. Keeping up with all the ways you can stay aware, can also help you stay safe.

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