Ryan’s “Wet Wednesday” Forecast

The forecast for the week has been spot on so far, and today’s wet Wednesday is only the beginning. Expect showers and t-storms to continue over the next few hours but will begin to weaken after sundown. Tonight’s low will stay near 78, with widespread showers and isolated storms possible near the waterfront in the later hours. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be one of the rainiest yet, with new rainfall totals exceeding 3″ in some locations, and cloud cover will help keep daytime highs in the mid 80s. Rain chances begin to diminish as we head into Sunday-Monday, but remain in the 40% range well into the week so afternoon t-storms are still likely. River levels will be watched closely in the coming days as runoff will likely lead to some flooded areas and residential areas with poor drainage will see issues as well. Please remember to avoid driving through running water and drive safely on wet roads. Stay tuned for updates as they develop.

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