Ryan’s Tuesday Night Forecast

It seems like we’ve had a long string of damp, overcast days but I’m proud to say that the Tuesday night forecast says those are coming to an end shortly. We’ve already seen, and will continue to see, sky clearing and drying overnight, leading to some beautiful spring weather. Expect the high tomorrow (Wednesday) to remain near 80, with clear skies and ample sunshine. Drier air means no fog and cooler nights, as you can expect to see a few nights in the mid to upper 50s across the coast as we head into the next few days. Other than a small increase in cloud cover Wednesday night into Thursday due to a weak cold front passage, the beautiful weather will continue through the rest  of the week and into the weekend. Around the start of next week though we will see some clouds moving in, but we’ll still have mostly sunny skies and moderate humidity by this time and no significant chances of rain until well into next week near the weekend. Despite the pleasant conditions, a small craft caution is in effect until at least tomorrow afternoon (although an extension is possible), so be cautious when enjoying the Gulf.

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