Ryan’s Thursday Night Forecast

Still pretty dry today despite the constant threat of thunderstorms and showers in the area. We had another wet start, with showers and thunderstorms moving through the area early in the day, with clearing in the afternoon into the evening. Around 5:30 this afternoon, we saw blue sky and sunshine in Gulfport, but strong storms have been moving through Hattiesburg all evening and are starting to inch towards the South. We can still expect to see showers and thunderstorms moving through the area overnight and into tomorrow, with a lower chance of rain for Friday than we’ve seen all week long. Overcast skies and a chance of showers will last into Saturday, before we will begin to see any significant drying or increase in Sunshine. Once we start off next week though, we’ll see blue skies, drier air, and higher temperatures as we head into the “meat” of the week.

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