Ryan’s “Rainy Week Ahead” Monday Forecast

If we had a weather road sign for the forecast it would read “Danger: Rainy Week Ahead.” An area of tropical moisture has set up shop in the panhandle area of Florida and is not expected to move far, and may even retrograde (move Westward), as we head into the weekend. This will keep skies cloudy, moist, and unstable for the foreseeable future, leading to increased afternoon development of thunderstorms. Tonight looked like it was going to be a bit stormy, but those dissipated quickly, leaving nothing but a few light showers out there for the rest of the evening. The cloud cover did help cool us off this afternoon, but now helps keep the heat at the surface, leading to an evening low near 78. Tomorrow’s high remains in the 80s, near 89, but only due to the widespread showers and t-storms we’re expecting to see. The rain continues on Wednesday, but it’s really Thursday through Sunday that look to be the wettest, with the possibility of 2 or more inches of fresh rainfall in localized areas each day! Flooding and lightning are likely to be the biggest issues facing us within the next few days. Stay tuned to WXXV News 25 at 5:30 (NBC), 9 (FOX), and (for the next week during the Rio Olympics) 11 PM on NBC.

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