Ryan’s “Hot Tuesday” Forecast

You don’t need a heat advisory to knot that it’s been a hot Tuesday so far, but we’ve got one until tomorrow afternoon at 7 PM. The hot conditions don’t stop when the sun goes down either since we’re expecting a low tonight near 81 with light Southerly winds. Heading into tomorrow, we’ll see another hot and sunny day, with an afternoon high near 93, and a 20% chance of showers. I didn’t expect much today, but going forward we’ll see isolated thunderstorms popping up during the hottest parts of the afternoon, giving localized areas some much needed relief from the heat. That basically sums up the next 7 days, but we’ll see a slightly higher chance of storms as we finish of the weekend and start up next week. We’ll see some slightly cooler, meaning low 90s, temperatures at that time. Be sure to stay hydrated over the next few days to combat the excessive heat.

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